Licenses for fuel trading:

Due to the Act of 10 April 1997 «The Energy Law» the company planning to perform business activity with the scope of trading in fuels is obliged to obtain a license for trading in liquid fuels (OPC).

Moreover, in the case of bringing in fuels from abroad the company is obliged to obtain a license for liquid fuels import (OPZ).  Granting of the license for liquid fuels importing is conditional upon a previous license for liquid fuels possession. 

Our company is one of the few in Poland that have successful experience in applying for assorted licenses or concessions and receiving them in very short terms.
We offer full support and assistance with the process of obtaining licenses, including assistance with calculating compulsory stocks of fuels in compliance with the National Indicative Target, as well as market analysis for potential suppliers among leading international oil companies, for which we prepare reports on the current situation in the Eastern European market.

Entrepreneurs applying for a license must meet the premises for securing it specified in art. 33 sec. 1 of the Energy Law Act. Pursuant to this provision, the President of Energy Regulatory Office grants a license to an applicant who:

  1. has the principal place of business activity or the place of residence on the territory of a Member State of the European Union or a Member State of EFTA or Switzerland;
  2. has technical and financial resources at a value which ensures a proper performance of their activity or is able to confirm in documents the ability to acquire such resources;
  3.  provides a property as collateral in the amount of 10 million PLN according to article 38a of the the Energy Law Act, on a cash account or by bank guarantee.

Property as collateral for the license should not be confused with property as collateral for VAT arrears.  A lot of large companies haven’t provided  property collateral for VAT, based on well-known brands or products, which in their opinion ensures they are providing the correct business activity. For smaller companies we would recommend providing both property collateral.
For more detailed information about conditions and requirements that should be met to obtain a license please visit us at our office or contact us at tel. +48 22 350 69 90.