National Indicative Target:

While preparing to start a business in import or intra-Community acquisition of goods a company should remember about meeting the requirements of the National Indicative Target.

The Act on biocomponents and liquid biofuels (of 25 August, 2006) imposes an obligation to ensure an appropriate share of biocomponents in subsequent volumes of fuels sold by the company.

For companies that are interested in import of fuels we offer a complex strategy for implementation of biofuels and biocomponents requirements.

Our company helps to:

  1. prepare appropriate tax reviews
  2. find the best possible way of meeting the requirements of NIT in practice (knowledge of the Act on biofuels is not sufficient for the correct accomplishment of the NIT. It requires knowledge of several other legal acts, mutual relations and exclusions between them. Only a complex approach towards the problem can guarantee meeting the National Indicative Target at the required level).
  3. find the supplier and the buyer for the product, the cheapest product on the market and the most professional approach, which will guarantee that the NIT will be met in an absolutely safe and completely legal way without any risk of rejection.
  4. prepare reports on achieved NIT for the client